Erlangen to see, to hear and to marvel at – all offered to you by the new tomis Audio Guide for Erlangen . The attractions are waiting to be discovered by you, completely without city guide and with no time pressure. You can put together your very own city tour, according to your interests. All you need: our city map and a mobile phone.


Red = Tour 1 - The fast round

Blue = Tour 2 - The extensive round

Yellow = Tour 3 - Erlangen - City of beer

*This free service is provided by the Erlanger Tourismus and Marketing Verein e.V. You only pay the connection charge from your mobile phone to the German land line. The length of the audio contributions is two to three minutes. There will be no additional charge.

tomis MP3guide

Download the audio files from this website and listen to them with an MP3 player. The audio files are free of charge. Together with the city map you can immediately start your tour. Have fun!

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